“Rarely on My Remington”

This is the first poem I wrote after dreaming of Mary Knox, who personified my inner writer in a dream. The first line, “I rarely write poems on my Remington,” came to me in the middle of the night. I immediately felt the rhythm of that line. Inspired by the black Remington typewriter displayed in my home office, I contemplated my new writing environment where I’m surrounded by musical instruments, my notebook collection, a modest library, and inevitably my laptop. This poem, while providing musical elements, offers commentary on how technology affects the way we write. Truly, I rarely write poems on my laptop because watching words develop on a screen tends to confine my creative flow when brainstorming imagery and rhythm. On the other hand, I feel that my computer screen offers an organized platform on which I can organize my thoughts in a personal essay.

The research featured on my website explores how technology affects the way we communicate with each other. My conclusion is that our “humanness” decreases the less we speak face-to-face and write lengthy messages. While technology is a guiding force toward globalization, we must value the art of thoughtful conversation.

My reflections today slightly differ from my research in 2011 because I wonder how technology affects our relationships with our “writer selves.” Do our inner writers get sucked away into screens? Should we put pen to paper more often?

When do you like to write on the computer? When do you prefer to write on paper? When do you feel it’s best to write indoors, or outdoors? Comment below with your thoughts.


“Rarely on My Remington”

I rarely write poems on my Remington,

For the tip-tapping clicks off my creative mind.

On each word the space bar bumps,

Interrupting the usual dance of poetic prose across the page.


The shift keys lock each stanza into

Confining aligning regulation.

Though bound by the faded ink and tightly strung ribbon,

The free verse poem struggles to set itself apart.


And so I rarely write poems on my Remington.

I prefer my fine-pointed pen gliding across unlined paper,

For these instruments allow fluidity and flow,

Presenting a stage for the brief piece of literature

To dance in a flurry across the page;

Akin to the vibrating strings on a booming cello

The dance boldly covers the page, leaving few opportunities

For spaces,

For rests,

For breaths.


Yet this youthful performance

Inevitably transcends and tires into a light stroll.

Gently strumming the strings of a setar,

The dancer sits cross-legged in the center of the stage,

Coming to the end of its fleeting lifetime

On this stage

Set by a pen and a piece of paper.


7 thoughts on ““Rarely on My Remington”

  1. On my laptop unless I’m away from it and have an urgent thought, then whatever post it or paper is near. Random times, as inconsistent as my motivation and inspiration. Usually after being outdoors or near the outdoors, but the actual writing then happens inside upon reflection.

    Nice writing. I’m a big fan of consonance and internal rhyme, and allowing meter to be a guide. As a musician, I was able to relate easily to the parallels between the contour of a melody and rhythm, and the contour of words (inflection) and rhythm.

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  2. Since most of the writing I do whether it’s Facebook, my blog, or The Odyssey, all of them the platform is online/computer so it makes sense to just write on my computer. Plus like you said Word (and I think WordPress) is such an organized format for creating essays in particular. That said I find it can be so distracting to write on a computer. I get a random thought to look something up or find an image (initially that is related to my writing) next thing I know I haven’t written a thing in over 20 minutes. So when I want to force myself to just write and keep writing I tend to choose longhand. That’s what I did earlier today to start a rough draft for a piece of writing I need to submit by mid January. Anyway really thoughtful post and gorgeous poem!


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Juanita. It’s interesting to think about the different tools we use. Do you enjoy treating yourself to quality notebooks? I just bought a few at Barnes and Noble.

      What’s the piece you need to submit by mid January?


  3. Your poem, “Rarely on My Remington”, is melodic, poetic, thoughtful, and beautiful, it is like a dance on paper, dancing around and around, beautifully expressed, thank you for sharing it! I, personally, love the technology and its convenience, but sometimes, I would like to write my thoughts on a piece of paper, or in a notebook, however sometimes when I type some thoughts, some ideas on the computer, more thoughts flows freely, and since I don’t think about typing when I press on the keys, I feel liberated, and it feels liberating to let my thoughts and my imagination fill the screen freely.


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