Friendly Fawns

Experienced July 22, 2014 at Dr. Melinda Toney’s homeopathic healing center in Catasauqua, Pa. 

As I wandered through the naturally paved pathways of Melinda’s outdoor office, I came upon a field lined by a forest. I walked slowly, carrying a cup of lukewarm green tea. Out of the green haze, two fawns ran toward me. We locked eyes. Perhaps my dress, adorned with blurs and splashes of rosy color, reminded them of a familiar flower bush. I may never know. I am almost certain, though, that these fawns approached me to recreate a reunion between long lost friends.

We may have known each other in another lifetime – I thought as they drew closer – but now we were meeting again in this life. The fawns slowed their stroll; I stood still. A few more steps on either of our parts could have given me the gift of touching their supple fur. Instead, I was given a different gift. The fawns cocked their heads to the side and I began to do the same, mimicking their curiosity. Frozen in time, we wondered how and why two fawns and a human ended up within limb’s reach of each other. I broke the silence with a nervous giggle. They stood stunned, shaken by this foreign sound I had created in the midst of their habitat. The two fawns turned to each other as if to say, “We saw her and delivered our message,” and trotted back into their forest.

I stood for a few moments to savor the moment. Smiling wide and looking around for another human to possibly witness it, I made my way to the nearby river to finish my cooled green tea. I circled back to our meeting place. I stood and waited. One of the fawns peeked its head out of the forest and walked toward me again! This time she kept her distance. Yet again we locked eyes.

Then she went home to her companion and perhaps told this same story.



Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


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